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Tortoise Blood by Shijin Vapor Zoom

Tortoise Blood by Shijin Vapor

E-juice Flavor Profile:

Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet aftertone

•Ratio: 85%/15% VG/PG
•Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg
•Available Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml Chubby Gorilla bottle
•All Eliquids/Ejuices are manufactured by Shijin Vapor on our on-site ISO Certified clean room to ensure quality control
•All of our juice are child safety cap & GCC Certified

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Availability: In stock.

Tortoise Blood started from humble beginnings and quickly rose to become one of the leading blue raspberry green apple sherbet flavors in the vape industry winning best e-liquid at ECC Ontario 2017 & 2018. On the inhale, you get a nice mellow tone of crisp green apples. After your tastebuds get hit with green apple you will then experience a combination of blue raspberry and creamy sherbet. This complex flavor is the perfect all-day vape; it's balanced flavor flavor profile makes this ejuice not too sweet but just sweet enough to satisfy any vaper looking for a nice refreshing fruit flavor.
Product Description


    E-juice Flavor Profile:

    Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet aftertone

    •Ratio: 85%/15% VG/PG •Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg •Available Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml Chubby Gorilla bottle •All Eliquids/Ejuices are manufactured by Shijin Vapor on our on-site ISO Certified clean room to ensure quality control •All of our juice are child safety cap & GCC Certified

Product's Review
    54 Reviews
    1. exactly what i asked for Review from WebSite
      By Ashton S. on 3/21/2018

      exactly what i asked for and shipped quickly

    2. Vapemail Review from WebSite
      By Spearman T. on 3/19/2018

      Incredible service and communication with the crew at Shijin Vapor Co. Easy transaction and fast delivery.

    3. Tortoise blood Review from WebSite
      By joe g. on 3/15/2018

      Is the best juices out there It's definitely one of the smoothest and best flavor jussas I have ever Used a deafening something you can do For a long time in not get sick of it like some other juices

    4. Favorite juice Review from WebSite
      By Shant Z. on 3/8/2018

      This stuff is amazing! Ive purchased this many times from another vendor but they always sell out. I decided to order straight from shijin and I was impressed, shipping was super fast and packed well. I'll continue to order straight from here from now on. I literally vape a bottle a week of this stuff.

    5. My ADV Review from WebSite
      By ShamusNYC on 1/27/2018

      I have a mod/RDA that is specifically used for this juice. It's really that good. Especially if you like sweet vapes. I buy 4x 120ML bottles at a time now. You really cannot go wrong with this juice.

    6. Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8 Review from WebSite
      By Marco A. on 1/16/2018

      Tasty juice for your vaping needs best in the game

    7. Tortoise Blood Review from WebSite
      By Mckenzie W. on 1/9/2018

      One of my favorite juices! I will definitely be purchasing more!

    8. One of my all time favourites EVER Review from WebSite
      By Hoger A. on 12/12/2017

      This is one of very few juices that I've gotten more than 1 bottle of since it's so good. It reminds me of blue raspberry candy straws. 10/10 would recommend and buy again.

    9. This is it! Review from WebSite
      By Walter R. on 12/7/2017

      I’ve used Shijin Tortoise blood for a few years now and every time I get new juice I always come back to this one. The flavor is unique and isn’t comparable to anything out there on the market.

    10. Tortoise blood Review from WebSite
      By Thomas M. on 11/29/2017

      Perfect combo nice and smoothe will buy again

    11. Tortoise blood Review from WebSite
      By Vincent M. on 11/22/2017

      Great stuff

    12. Top notch!!! Review from WebSite
      By Doug H. on 11/17/2017

      Shin Jin has not only created the best tasting and quality juices but they are easy to deal with and your orders come very quick. The rewards program is terrific and shows that they are company that values their loyal customers!! Rock On Shin Jin!!!!

    13. Love this Flavor Review from WebSite
      By Cory I. on 11/15/2017

      Love this flavor, I always come back to it when I can't find anything good and the shipping is always faster than expected. I really miss the green color, please bring it back!

    14. One of the Best Review from WebSite
      By Mike on 11/15/2017

      This was the first flavor I ever tried! It was so good nothing has every compared and now I am always coming back to this amazing juice.

    15. Taste is great Review from WebSite
      By Josh S. on 11/2/2017

      Taste is great

    16. This juice is amazing! Review from WebSite
      By Michael Keeth on 10/27/2017

      Just picked up a bottle of this and I must say, this is one of the best flavors I have had in a very long time. I will definitely be buying more. I would live to see this offered in 120 ml.

    17. Sweet tortoise blood Review from WebSite
      By Rodney G. on 10/22/2017

      A great all day vape sweet yet not too sugary and nice aftertaste could use more blue rasberry but overall it hits the mark. Sure the ice version would be great too wanna try next.

    18. Tortoise Blood Review from WebSite
      By Rodney G. on 10/22/2017

      Great all day vape..sweet yet not too sugary..could use some more blue rasberry in my opinion. Tried year or so age and liked it better then but still enjoy just not as much. Want to try some of the Tortoise Ice next

    19. Great product Review from WebSite
      By James M. on 10/21/2017

      Great product

    20. Toirtus Blood Review from WebSite
      By Linda T. on 10/19/2017

      Better than expected, my new favorite!

    21. My favorite vape juice Review from WebSite
      By Cory S. on 10/17/2017

      My favorite vape juice

    22. Rich flavor Review from WebSite
      By jasmine s. on 10/17/2017

      Super delicious smells amazing

    23. Best flavor Review from WebSite
      By Dj D. on 10/17/2017

      I absolutely love this flavor, tortoise blood

    24. Very good juice Review from WebSite
      By Eric R. on 10/17/2017

      This one is an old favorite and it is one of my primary juices that I use.

    25. Too sweet Review from WebSite
      By Rick B. on 10/17/2017

      It's way too sweet for me, but that's a personal preference, not a knock on the eliquid itself. The price was reasonable and someone who enjoys that level of sweetness would most likely enjoy it far more than myself.

    26. Great juice. Review from WebSite
      By Dalton A. on 10/16/2017

      Great juice but too expensive

    27. My other go to Review from WebSite
      By Steven on 10/4/2017

      This has been my go to juice ever since the pump bottle days. Until they released tortoise on ice which i cannot get off of.

    28. THE BEST Review from WebSite
      By CMJ on 9/24/2017

      I buy it over and over and over and over and over again... i think you get the point.

    29. One of the best juices Review from WebSite
      By jon on 7/4/2017

      This is definitely in my top 5 juices. I always have to have this on hand as a backup. If you have not yet tried this, i heavily suggest it. It's a good light vape, not too sweet and great flavor that will keep you wanting to vape more.

    30. By Ricky on 6/10/2017

      By far one of the best flavors I've had. It's a all day vape and will be getting more of this!

    31. I don't venture out into other juices Review from WebSite
      By ShamusMcJuggernaught on 5/20/2017

      But, I was away for work and ran out of juice. So I went to a local B&M and didn't know of any of the brands there. So I told the guy give me something good. He gave me this juice and wow.. I got 60ml of it yesterday and ordered 120ml of it today lol.

    32. Got me hooked Review from WebSite
      By Andrew on 5/8/2017

      It's all I use ! Highly recommended for those who love sour candy juices

    33. MY FAVE Review from WebSite
      By HARDCORE JOLLIES on 4/4/2017

      Great flavor, nice clouds.

    34. Superior Flavor and Heavenly Clouds ☁️ Review from WebSite
      By EyeOfOwden on 1/9/2017

      I am a maker of extremely full flavored Fine specialty Juice; And I have yet to find a juice that is as smooth and full of flavor as Mine until I discovered Tortoise Blood! It's sweetness is complemented by the complexity of flavor. It's my go to - All the time! It's amazing for the vape virgins and yet offered an experience for the battle worn vaper. I'd love it in higher strengths and larger sizes but as we all know - Great things often come in small green packages. BUY IT NOW. VAPE IT Immediately! See you in the clouds ☁️

    35. A true ADV Review from WebSite
      By westisthabest on 11/5/2016

      Great eliquid and I love that it's not overloaded with sweetener like most liquids these days. Clean and smooth

    36. Shout out from England Review from WebSite
      By Mark on 9/23/2016

      A drop or two have made it over here - I managed to get a 15ml bottle and gulped it down like the elixir of life. Distraught and bereft at its absence.

      I may even forgive you for voting in Trump (please don't) if you send me a boatload.

    37. Best Juice Ever! Review from WebSite
      By PandaBear on 8/11/2016

      I absolutely love it! It has an amazing flavor and gives you great clouds. Definitely my all time favorite! I recommend anyone who hasn't tried it to try it asap!

    38. Holy sh*t! Review from WebSite
      By Angel on 7/19/2016

      After buying 240ml (was given 8 bottles of 30ml of this stuff) I have to say... it has an amazing taste! When inhaling you get a sweet apple berry like taste and exhaling it gives a solid blue raspberry! When vapping around other people they tell be it smells like jolly rancher blue raspberry! Will be ordering again since it took me almost 2 months to finish.

    39. Great Review from WebSite
      By TonyB on 6/17/2016

      Bottle only lasted me a day and a half.. I usually switch up what I am filling in my tank...nope.. Kept filling this stuff until it was gone... I am now vaping my last tank.. Sad day other than the fact i am enjoying the last of this stuff.. my buddy runs a vape shop and occasionally gives me some stuff to sample to see if he will carry it and I am definitely going to make sure that he carries it...

    40. Outstanding!! Review from WebSite
      By Miguel on 3/31/2016

      I bought a 15ml of this less than a week and I already need a new bottle, plus Kanger tanks are known for being a juice hog, but anyways I just couldn't get away from this. The flavor is so damn amazing!! I need to upgrade to a bigger bottle. Lol. I'm definitely having Shijin Vapor on my top list. Thanks guys! ^.^

    41. aaaaammmmaaazzziiinnnggg!!!!! Review from WebSite
      By chance w. on 2/26/2016

      absolutely amazing juice I tried it a while back and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since so I bought two bottles last night from a local vape shop in mobile Alabama keep up the good work guys

    42. Too good. Review from WebSite
      By Yerboogieman on 2/14/2016

      Warning, this is addicting. It's the new green crack like Antidote by Bamski. Vape at your own risk.

    43. I'm in Love Review from WebSite
      By whatsit on 1/29/2016

      I received a 30 ml bottle of this as a gift from my daughter. I love, love, LOVE it! I really like the pump style bottle too, there's no mess when filling my tank. Great idea! All e-juice should be packaged this way. ☺ The only thing bad I can say about Tortise blood is that I'm almost out, so it looks like I'll be ordering more in ECONOMY SIZE too. Thanks for a great new ADV Shijin, keep those creative juices flowing.

    44. Amazing Review from WebSite
      By Xeno on 11/14/2015

      I was vaping on a locally made raspberry apple juice regularly; until I tried this. This is, hands down, the best juice I have ever had. Smooth, full of flavor, and produces thick clouds. LOVE IT

    45. BLAZEN Review from WebSite
      By Delaware on 10/5/2015

      Damn, I had to force stop myself just to keep coming back for more!!! Wow

    46. Taste better then described! Review from WebSite
      By Jake on 9/19/2015

      To be honest i was a little iffy about blue raspberry and apple mixed but when i dripped it, i couldn't stop vaping on it for a couple hours. This is the best mix of the two out on the market. Not overwhelming at all. Hands down. Its Amazing!

    47. Thee Best! Review from WebSite
      By Henry on 9/10/2015

      One of the best flavors I've ever had the first time I tried it at a shop in NoCal, I had to look online to find the bottle and order it. I don't think anything can top Tortoise Blood~

    48. Crack in a bottle Review from WebSite
      By ToneB on 9/9/2015

      I am usually more of a savory desserty guy but Tortoise Blood is like my pallet cleanser and I freakin love it.

    49. The only Juice I'd drive 30+ minutes for. Review from WebSite
      By DJ on 9/9/2015

      This juice is amazing. A friend of mine let me try it and I've been hooked ever since. I drive 30 minutes out of my way for this juice when there's a vape shop 2 minutes down the road. Absolutely amazing.

    50. Great Flavor Review from WebSite
      By Hollywood on 8/8/2015

      This stuff is awesome,I use it as a daily vape.Very smooth and not too sweet

    51. The Best flavor on the market Review from WebSite
      By Konnor P on 5/11/2015

      This flavor has changed the standard for flavors, i've never had such a smooth, great tasting flavor that pumps out the clouds like this one! 100% would buy!

    52. Amazing Review from WebSite
      By Drew on 5/3/2015

      This is one of the best juices I've ever had

    53. that juice though Review from WebSite
      By dsm2g on 1/28/2015

      Hands down the best juice ive ever tasted

    54. Best flavor ever! Review from WebSite
      By Eliza on 12/21/2014

      This perfectly blend of berries and green apple is so delicious. I just can not put it down. My absolute adv!!!

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