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There are always new changes, developments, and technologies in the vaping industry, but one constant is the need for advocacy. While we know that vaping has helped millions of people quit smoking cigarettes, not everyone does, and that goes for lawmakers too. Shijin Vapor aims to be a leader in our community by not only providing handcrafted e-liquid to our customers, but also by participating in advocacy groups throughout the country. These associations are committed to providing an alternative to traditional combustible tobacco products for adults. They have and continue to represent manufacturers, wholesalers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers of vape products. 

The time to get involved is right now.

Reasons to advocate for vaping

1) Keep flavored e-liquids on shelves

You’re probably already familiar with all the recent stories about the growing popularity of vaping among teens. Many parents and lawmakers believe this is because of the wide array of sweet e-liquid flavors that can seem appealing to children. While there’s been talk of banning e-liquid flavors nationwide, a lot of people who don’t vape aren’t aware of how these flavors actually keep ex-smokers from going back to cigarettes. With so many fun and new flavors to try and experience available right here at Shijin Vapor, why would you want to anyway?

2) Protect small businesses

Unlike Big Tobacco companies, most vape shops are small, local businesses. They’re valuable resources in their neighborhoods for anyone who’s looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping. In addition, these physical shops give vapers the opportunity to meet, learn about different hardware options, try out new e-liquid flavors, and more. They can help bring together a community of people who are committed to quitting smoking so they can live healthier lives.

3) Stand up to Big Tobacco

One major problem with vaping regulations is that most of them are backed by Big Tobacco companies. Because they have billions of dollars at their disposal, they’re able to have an influence on the availability of vapes and e-liquids, which are obviously huge competition for cigarettes. That’s why we need to let our local, state, and federal governments know that vaping is a viable alternative that can reduce the risk of health complications associated with smoking.

What does the future of vaping look like?

Shijin Vapor hopes to continue our advocacy efforts and join more groups in the future. Potential new laws continue to grow in number and threaten our freedom to vape, which means that millions of people may have to turn back to smoking cigarettes. We need to be able to prove to the general public and lawmakers that vaping has truly made a difference in our lives by helping us quit smoking for good. It just means we’ll have to work harder than ever before.