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Vaping for Beginners Guide In 2021

by Shijin Vapor |

Entering the world of vaping, for the first time can be quite challenging. Selecting the type of e-cigarette to begin your vaping experience is key, particularly if you are transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

Vaping for Beginners Guide

Vaping may not be as easy as smoking your regular traditional cigarettes. However, with the inventive ideas evident in the latest e-cigarette products, the vaping experience has been taken a top-notch higher. As a beginner in vaping, some terms would appear more frequently to you, so you need to understand them fairly.

Vaping with a freebase nicotine vape juice

Freebase nicotine is known to be the most common nicotine present in e-liquids. When inhaled, it elicits a harsh feeling in the throat, and the body rapidly assimilates it. Based on the purity of freebase nicotine, they are required in lower quantity.

A major question on the minds of new entrants in vaping is that it is quite possible for them to vape with a freebase nicotine vaping juice? With the fact that many beginners in vaping are transitioning from smoking conventional cigarettes, the curiosity of how vaping with a freebase nicotine vape juice would test is very heightened.

With more manufacturers serving the demands of individuals who prefer freebase nicotine in vaping, you are guaranteed to enjoy vaping with a freebase nicotine grape juice. Most freebase nicotine e-cigarettes taste very good with a variety of flavors that helps to enhance the taste.

Vaping with a free base nicotine vape juice is very popular among vapers because of its harsh feel in the throat, even with very low nicotine strengths. For individuals who demand the utmost feeling with very low nicotine intake, vaping with a freebase nicotine vape juice is just for you. 

Using a vape tank for freebase nicotine vape juice

Vape tanks are designed to hold additional vaping juice. Vapers can use a variety of vape tanks for their freebase nicotine vape juice. One of the challenges many vapers face about using a vape tank for freebase nicotine vape is the duration they can safely store their vape juice in the vape tank.

 Keeping your vape tank clean is essential if you must have a great vaping experience. If your vape juice stays too long on your vape tank, it could cause leakage, which may be quite messy and problematic. You must keep your vape tanks clean and ensure it is clear of juice before storing it.

Vapers can also turn off the vape tank before storing it to avoid accidentally pressing the buttons that may activate the coil. Leaving your freebase nicotine vape juice in your vape tank for long without use may also distort your vape juice flavor.


The Classic RDA

RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. They are designed to trickle liquid directly onto the e-cigarette wick. RDAs are different from regular tanks with a small space that allows you to drip a small amount of juice.

 Interestingly RDA allows you to vape your juice off and switches to a completely different flavor. Different RDAs are designed to achieve various functions. While some RDAs are designed to be cloud chasers (RDAs that maximize vapor), others are built to maximize flavor.

 Searching for the classic RDA for beginners depends on whether you are buying your RDA for cloud or the flavor vape experience. The following factors can be taken into consideration when deciding to buy the classic RDA.

  • Size of the screws and post holes: The size of the screws matters as large screws and post holes allow users to construct it easily.


  • Type of screws: While some screws are easy to work with, they may end up cutting the wire due to its sharp end screws. RDAs with grub screws are better off because they do not cut wires during fastening.


  • Airflow: Depending on what type of airflow you want, you can select your RDA base on this.


  • Dual or single-coil RDA: Both forms of RDA are great and can be used on squad mods. Dual coil RDA is capable of running on higher wattages, while single-coil RDA is known to run on lower wattages and produce lower amounts of vapor.

 Is an RTA right for you?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Amotizer. RTAs are made up of tanks that hold e-liquid. Depending on the type of RTA you are using, the capacity of RTA e-liquid range from 2ml to 6 ml. There are different types of RTA, and each of them is built to suit various individual needs. RTA is composed of different parts and has a host of benefits for the user, which includes

  • Nicer flavors are gotten from the dripping atomizer because of the shorter path the vapor takes before it gets to your mouth.


  • You can also alter flavors more often by trickling it directly onto the wick.


  • RTA does not need frequent refilling for use.

RTA's use provides a wonderful vaping experience for the user, especially if it is well assembled. With a reliable tank that is very convenient to use, RTA is quite good and adds to a fulfilling vaping affair. 

Why everyone should use a sub-ohm tank

Sub-ohm tanks are vape tanks having coils with a resistance of less than Ohm. Sub-ohm tanks are capable of producing thick vapor because of the lowering of resistance. Every vaper desire a great flavor. Thick clouds amount to better flavor, and a sub-ohm tank can offer that experience. There are various sub-ohm vape tanks from the best brands available out there that can meet your satisfaction.



Vaping with salt nicotine vape juice

Since the introduction of salt nicotine vape juice, the vaping industry has been witnessing a new buzz. Salt nicotine vape juice is a massive attraction for vapers who want to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. It allows vapers to inhale more levels of nicotine and also absorbing less juice. 

Salt nicotine vape juice is produced when the nicotine present in tobacco leaves bonds with certain acids in the plant to form a stable molecule. The various types of nicotine salts are produced based on the type of acid involved in the process.

 Compared to regular e-liquids, salt nicotine vape juice fares better in terms of absorption in the body, super high strength options, and satisfaction you derive from high concentrations. Vaping with a salt nicotine vape juice is very much safe as long as you keep to vaping limits and instructions.

Open Pod System

The open pod system is a type of pod mods e-cigarette that store e-liquid in a contained structure called the pod. They are known as open pods system because they come with empty refillable pods. They offer more nicotine and flavor options to vapers, thereby making them save more money.

 Open pod system can use either salt-based nicotine salt or free based nicotine vape juice. It also offers vapers a variety of flavors to choose from. Portability, tighter draw, and a wide collection of flavors are some of the reasons some vapers prefer it to the closed pod system. 

The convenience of disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are fast becoming the choice for many vapers because of the convenience it offers. Aside from its tremendous battery life, they are simple to use and very portable to carry around. Similarly, disposable vapes are very eco friendly as they do not require much energy to burn. Moreso, it is odorless and very much affordable.