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The Vaping Epidemic

by Shijin Vapor |

You need to know this.
On September 11th, 2019, the Trump administration announced that they will instruct the FDA to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. This decision is driven by an outbreak of lung illnesses and teenage vaping continuing to rise.This prohibition of vape products is not immediate, and we are expecting further guidance in the coming weeks.


To our valued customers as well as the general public, you need to know this information.


The media has had an influx of news segments and articles blaming "vaping" while continually pushing for the prohibition of e-cigarette products. This is purposely misleading the public about the eliquid market.


FDA and CDC have already issued warnings to the public recently to avoid buying black market vaping products containing THC. Doctors in various states have released statements that  85% of victims have come forth to admitting to the use of illegal THC cartridges. After admittance, the THC cartridge used by the victims were confiscated and examined. Results found that Vitamin E Acetate was the common ingredient used in all of the black market THC cartridges tested. Vitamin E is the common name for several similar types of lipid oils called tocopherols. Vitamin E acetate is a substance used as a thickening agent to enhance low quality THC distillates to make them appear higher quality. Vitamin E has the ability to integrate on membranes by creating a coating of lipid/ lipoid (or fats) over the pulmonary surfactant layer. In short, lung cells die. This ultimately leads to a failure in the human respiratory system and furthermore, death.


Although 85% of the victims have come forth and admitted the use of THC cartridges, the remaining 15% has remained vague in mentioning whether or not THC was used while vaping. The underlying issue here is obvious. THC is still very illegal in many states, especially in the states that these victims reside. Not to mention that victims of this incident were also under the legal age of marijuana usage in the first place. As you can see, it is easier to blame e liquid as the cause rather than an illegal controlled substance.


These products are NOT the same as e-cigarette/vapor products and do not even fall into the same category or industry.


For over 10 years, e-liquid has been used as a harm reduction product has been on the market for over a decade with not one single issue until these random cases of lung illness. The Royal College of Physicians of 3500 researchers were the first to warn us all of the deadliness of combustible cigarettes and now have went on record to state that vaping e liquid is more than 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.


We want to ensure to our customers that NONE of our products contain Vitamin E, oils, or any of these named chemicals. As a water soluble product, our e-liquids contain propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerin (vg), nicotine, and propylene glycol-based flavorings. With all of our ingredients being water soluble, the vapor can be absorbed and not be trapped in your lungs like oil based ingredients like Vitamin E.


We believe the e-liquid industry will be vindicated. The fear instilled into the public by placing the blame on "vapor products" is unjust. You can not believe in the first thing you see, and make the effort to do your own research and read articles before drawing any conclusions. This attack on our industry isn’t just about us. This is for the for the entirety of public health and safety.


For the past 5 years, Shijin Vapor has dedicated to providing the highest quality and sanitary creation of the e-liquids you intake. We create e-liquids under rigorous quality control measures. Our premium e-juice is handcrafted in California, and we are committed to leading the industry with our safe production methods. We will never compromise our quality, flavor, or safety standards. We will listen to what our customers want and fight for what they need.

Shijin Vapor.