So, you've decided to step into the wondering world of vaping - welcome.


As fun, relaxing, and rewarding as vaping can be, when you're a beginner, knowing where to start, or what to do, can be a little bewildering.


Not long ago, we demystified the vaping device. Now we're going to offer you a few beginner vaping tips to have you acting like a pro in no time.


Without further ado, here they are...


Do eLiquids the right way


A large number of new vapers stick to one or two flavours of ejuice for a long time, denying themselves the chance to broaden their palate and build themselves a personalised line-up of flavors.


ejuices are one of the best parts about vaping. To ensure you get the hit you need, make sure you...


  • Buy your eJuice from a reputable retailer

  • Make sure you don't load your plastic tank with acidic flavours too often as this can cause corrosion

  • Take the time to try as many flavors as you can, curating a selection of flavours that suit every occasion (this is very fun indeed)

Look after your vape kit


Routine care and maintenance is key to a pleasant vaping experience - so make sure you start right away.


Not sure where to start? Here are a few tip top vape maintenance tips...


  • Check your battery connections regularly for e-juice buildup. Unscrew the battery and wipe off any residue that's blocking the terminal

  • Never use a damaged battery, and make sure to handle your e-cig with care, so your battery doesn’t get bashed or scratched

  • Empty and clean out your e-liquid tank regularly to prevent leaking, blockage, and premature corrosion. Here's how...



Vape like a pro


To help you get your vaping career off to a flying start right from the get-go, here are a few everyday pro tips that will prove priceless…


  1. Always keep a spare set of batteries charged so you can switch them over when your current battery dies

  2. To avoid vaper's tongue, switch up the flavors you use on a semi-regular basis to prevent your tastebuds from dulling down the taste of your eJuice. Staying hydrated helps too.

  3. If you vape when you're out and about, always keep a small cloth or bandana on your person to clean up juice leaks. You can also use it to wrap up your device and keep it safe.

  4. Vaping tricks are fun to learn, will add another dimension to your experience - oh, and impress all your friends. Check out our top tricks section and become the talk of the town.


Whoever you are or whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy vaping as much as we do. Try our tips and you'll be in the swing of things in no time.

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