Many of us will hit the streets, clubs and other parties tonight to ring in another new year. While New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time to party to excess, it’s important to know your limits--and that includes when and where to take your vape.

The Clubs
If you’re planning to dance in the new year at your favorite club, you need to be aware of club rules and local vaping laws. Some states, like California, explicitly prohibit both smoking and vaping in the “workplace,” which has been interpreted as anywhere someone works. That means that smoking and vaping are off limits inside restaurants, bars and clubs.

Even if your state doesn’t prohibit vaping in an enclosed area, the club may have its own regulations. Be sure to look for posted signs restricting the use of vapes or setting up designated smoking or vaping areas. While not all place lump vaping in with smoking, it’s generally safe to assume that smoking restrictions also apply to vaping. It’s usually safest to step outside before hitting your vape.

House Party
The rules are somewhat more lax if you’re partying at someone’s house. Unless it’s your own home, be sure to ask your host if it’s OK to vape inside. Even though our vaping products don’t leave a lingering smell and won’t tarnish walls and ceilings like tobacco smoke does, some people aren’t fond of anything resembling smoking inside their homes. Chances are pretty good that your host won’t mind, but it’s always safest to ask first rather than offend someone and get sent packing.

The Streets
Braving the elements to attend an outdoor New Year’s Eve celebration--like the famous ball drop in New York City’s Times Square--affords you the most liberties when it comes to vaping. Even states with the strictest indoor vaping laws have few or no restrictions on vaping or smoking outside, and you’ll likely find other revellers hitting their vapes throughout the celebration.

A handful of states and municipalities do have some restrictions on vaping in public areas, though, so be sure to be aware of local vaping regulations before heading out.

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Are you taking your vape out for New Year’s Eve? Snap some selfies and post in the comments; we might feature you on our social media pages!