The holiday season is full of joy and wonder; it’s a time when everyone magically comes together to celebrate with one another in peace and harmony.

At least, that’s how the movies and countless holiday specials portray it.

The reality is that the holidays can be quite stressful. Each memorable holiday gathering, company party and fun memory is preceded by innumerable hours of planning, worry, preparation and stress.

In our blog post How to Survive the Holidays (, we discussed several tactics you can use to get through the season with your sanity intact. But you can’t just pull out your vape anywhere. Some states don’t allow you to vape indoors, and it’s just plain rude to unilaterally start vaping in the middle of dinner at grandma’s house.

So, what do you do?

If you’re in a shopping mall or crowded store, notice the designated smoking and vaping areas as you go in. If your state doesn’t allow indoor vaping, this small spot (usually not far from the entranceway) can serve as a quick haven for you to duck the crowds and enjoy a few moments of quiet along with your vape.

If the business doesn’t have a designated smoking or vaping area, you may have to find your own. The season is stressful enough that you probably won’t be alone in your escape, so look for others outside the store that you can join. Or, create your own outside vaping area--just be observant of any marked signs and cognizant of state laws; some regulations require you to keep a minimum distance--usually about 25 feet--from the door.

The rules are a little different when you’re at someone’s home.

Even though vaping doesn’t leave a smell or absorb into the walls like smoking does, don’t assume it’s OK to vape in someone’s house… even if they vape or if they’re a smoker themselves.

If you need to duck out for a vape at someone’s house, do so politely. Don’t just whip out your vape and start puffing away, especially if you’re at the dinner table or talking with a group. It’s easy enough to just step outside. This is especially important if there are children involved.

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