So you've made the leap. You are a vaper now. And you've ordered your premium Shijin e-juice ... now what? How do you transform your Tortoise Blood blend of blue raspberry and green apple from its high-quality packaging into delicious clouds of taste?


Welcome to Vaping 101: the equipment lesson. We are here to educate you on everything from disposable gas station e-cigarettes (DON’T) to high powered advanced personal vaporizers.


First, a quick primer on common terms and parts associated with the various vaping devices.


  • Tube (Box): The tube is the housing for the e-cigarette

  • Battery: varies in shape and size, but is similar to AA in its design

  • Power Button: Activates battery, and delivers power to the heating element. (Automatic e-cigarettes do not have a power button, and use a sensor to detect inhalation.).

  • Atomizer Coil: The heating element in your e-cigarette that turns your e-juice into vapor. 

  • Cartomizer: A cartomizer combines the atomizer with the cartridge/tank all in one piece, screwing directly into the battery. (Also called a tank kit). Operates with a piece of cotton like material in the tank that absorbs the e-juice and then feeds the liquid into the coils.

  • Clearomizer:  Clearomizers have wicks attached directly to the coil, absorbing the e-liquid and again feeding it into the coils. Clearomizers contain plastic e-juice tanks in varying sizes.

  • Glassomizer: Functions the same way as a clearomizer, except that the e-liquid tank is glass, rather than plastic. Hence the name glassomizer.

  • Connector/Thread adaptor: Placed on top of e-cigarettes and threaded to accept the atomizer or cartomizer. The connectors come in various styles designated by numbers such as 501 (the most common), 801, and 901.  

  • Drip Tip: Mouthpiece that covers the atomizer or tank.


Those are the standard parts and pieces that come along with your electronic cigarette. Overwhelmed already? If you aren’t sure where to start, choose one of our complete starter kits, paired with a premium Shijin e-juice like Dragon Cloud (a dreamy blend of savory cinnamon rolls and rich vanilla) to create your high-quality vaping experience.


Want to know more? There is a wide range of devices, from your basic disposable gas station cigarette, up to DIY build it yourself advanced kits.

  • Disposable gas station e-cigarettes: We do not recommend this. Apart from being low-tech, and low quality, the e-liquids can contain harmful chemicals not present in our handcrafted Shijin Vapor e-juice. All of the e-liquids we offer at Shijin Vapor are held to strict industry standards, with no dangerous additives.

  • Starter Kits: These contain everything the beginning vaper needs (Except for e-liquid! Try pairing your device starter kit with our Shijin Vapor gift pack, containing our complete line of handcrafted e-juice). Starter kits typically include batteries, clearomizers, replacement atomizer coils, chargers, and wall adapters.

  • MOD: MODs are mechanical devices. They have no electronic components. The power button connects the battery to the coil, resulting in the coil heating up. They are commonly paired with devices called rebuildable atomizers.

  • Rebuildable Atomizer: A device that allows vapers to build their own atomizer coils. If you incorrectly build your coil, you can have an accident. Using the wrong wires, and the wrong power outputs are some things that result in a dangerous event. It is important that you are taught by an experienced dripper/vaper before building your atomizer.

  • Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV): Electronic in nature, these devices come with a whole host of electronic features. The fire/power button delivers an electronic signal to the battery, which in turn heats up the atomizer coil. Available features include puff counters, variable wattage and voltage, and even the ability to connect to your computer.


Already know all this? Curious about advanced MODS, APVs and the high-tech accessories out there? Stay tuned for the rest of our vaping 101 series where we go into more detail on MODS, APVS, and all their fancy features. Plus, we've got our comprehensive list of vaping tips and tricks to get you started.