The care and maintenance of your vaping device

Whether you are a beginning vaper or an old pro, there’s one thing that goes without saying. Well, it should, but just in case, I’m going to say it anyway.

Cleaning and caring for your vape device is vital for the life of your vape and the quality of your experience.

Google this (or don't!), and you'll find that everyone has an idea on the best way to clean your vape. What you won’t find is anyone saying you don’t need to clean it. To help you out, we’ve gathered some simple basic steps to keeping your device clean and your vape fresh!

Vaporizer Battery Care:

  • To extend the life of your battery, make sure you recharge it before the battery is fully dead.

  • Built in batteries just require a simple cleaning. Remember, like any other electrical device, keep the connectors clean. Use a q-tip or cotton ball dipped in alcohol to clear the connectors of any dirt, grime, and gunk.

  • Removable batteries require slightly more work. We recommend that you remove them weekly, clean the connections of dirt and juice, check the tension in the spring, and look for any signs of burns or corrosion. If either of those is present, replace the battery immediately with a high quality, reputable brand.

Vaporizer Tanks Care and Maintenance:

There is some controversy among the vaping community when it comes to cleaning tanks – primarily whether or not isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is safe for cleaning. If you choose to use the rubbing alcohol, just make sure you rinse all the parts and pieces thoroughly and let them dry completely.

  • First, disassemble your tank, o-rings, screws, everything. IMPORTANT – Remember how to put it back together! Draw a diagram or make a list if necessary.

  • Soak the parts in high grain unflavored or rubbing alcohol (soak the parts for as long the manufacturer recommends. Avoid overnight soaking in water or alcohol because of the potential for degraded equipment.)

  • Clean the parts gently with a microfiber cloth or q-tip. Some people suggest sliding the tip of a paper towel or cloth down inside but the potential for leaving fibers behind in the tank makes this a bad idea.

  • Rinse well and lay the parts out to dry on a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

  • Reassemble and enjoy! If the o-rings are difficult to re-install, simply lube them up with a bit of vegetable oil or e-juice to help.  

  • Add in a fresh coil, and you are set to go

The Best Way to Store E-Juice:


Just two quick notes here on ejuice.

  • First, store your e-juice in a cool dark place away from sunlight or direct heat. Heat has the potential to cause leakage and even alter the flavor.

  • Two, to make it last even longer, consider storing it in the refrigerator until it is ready to be used.


Some Final Vaping Tips:

  • Check your o-rings for wear and tear every time you clean the tank (if you have them). Change them out if you aren’t sure about the shape they are in.

  • If you’ve just cleaned your tank, and your vapor has a burnt taste, it might be time to change the coil. The standard ranges from a week to 10 days. Other signs you need to replace equipment are reduced vapor clouds and visible leak.

  • Avoid leaving your set-up (or just your tank, for that matter) in the sun or exposed to direct heat. Excessive heat can cause leakage and damaged equipment.

  • Do your research and know how different solvents may interact with the specific materials in your set-up. And remember, always, always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember, your vaping device is like any other electronic piece of equipment. Take care of it, and it will take care of you, delivering quality vaping and superior flavor (with our handcrafted Shijin Vapor e-juice, of course) to both beginners and pros alike.