2017 is in full swing and it looks like we have an exciting year ahead - especially in the wonderful world of vaping.


Shijin Vapor knows a thing or three about vaping, it's what we live for after all. So, without further ado, here are our top vaping tips for 2017 for your reading pleasure...


Diversify your eJuice collection


As people become more health conscience and tobacco becomes less desirable to millennials, vaping culture will develop even further this year and beyond. As a result, eJuice suppliers will start to get even more creative with their flavours, and there will be some pretty crazy - and delicious - concoctions available. We know you have your personal preferences, but this year, we suggest getting adventurous and sampling as many new flavours as you can. Why not start with our 'Taste the Beast' range?


Go to a vaping convention


Vaping is a unique and very rewarding pastime, and if you vape, you’re automatically part of one of the world's most exciting sub-cultures, so why not celebrate it? Within the next few months, exciting social events and vaping conferences or expos will be announced all over the US, UK, and Europe. Vaping events like Vape Jam UK are set to pick up serious momentum this year and provide the perfect opportunity to meet other vapers, uncover the latest industry news, and try out a host of cool gadgets. Get yourself down to a vaping event this year - you won't regret it.


Get creative by learning a vape tricks


Beyond creating colossal clouds or sweet smoke rings, vape enthusiasts have harnessed the power of their vaping devices to create, and pull off, a host of cool tricks - so learn a few of them and have even more fun this year; you might even impress a few people in the process. Here are descriptions of three top tricks (click the links to view instructional videos) to try:


Ghost hit: commonly known as 'the snap inhale' or 'mushroom cloud', this is one of the easier vaping tricks to master. The process involves releasing a ball of vapour, then ‘snapping’ it back in - and it looks awesome.


Dragon: the Dragon is great as it makes you look like a ferocious, fire breathing mythical beast, or perhaps just someone blowing clouds out of four holes in their face. Either way, it looks pretty dramatic.


The Waterfall: the waterfall looks particularly mystical as it turns your vapour into the type of vicious looking substance you might see in a sorcerous magic spell pot. It's simple to master, and it’s a great trick to show off to your vaping friends.


Upgrade your vaping mod


We live in a fast-paced technological age where consuming food, information, content, and indeed, sweet eJuice on the go is everything. This year, there will be more high-end mods on the market than ever before, those that will eclipse even the likes of the VCM Competition Mod by Vaperz Cloud or the ProVari by ProVape. In the spirit of new beginnings, do you research, find out what's best for you and your vaping needs, and upgrade to a high-end mod for 2017. We'll be stocking a fine selection of new mods this year, so keep your eyes peeled.


And finally, enjoy your vaping experience. Life is to be savoured, and although it can be tough at times, it doesn't hurt to take solace in the little things. Inhale it all in, take your time, and have a great year. Oh, and just to reiterate:


"Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things." - Kenneth Branagh