The Pegasus Odyssey Kit is a beautifully manufactured compact kit that packs a punch. Looking at the packaging you are reminded of an iPhone box; classy, sophisticated and high end. Upon opening box the Aspire Pegasus is revealed along with the Aspire Triton and a .15 ohm nickel coil. Tucked away is a bright orange micro USB cable along with a 1.5 ohm coil for people that prefer tighter draws. All I have to say is damn; they did not skimp on any details for the kit.

As I play with the Pegasus and all its glory I am impressed by the design. It fits perfectly in my hand; the weight, the height, the whole elegance of the brushed pattern makes the Pegasus a beautiful APV. I go to pop the Aspire Triton, filled with Tortoise Blood from Shijin Vapors, on top of the Pegasus and take a couple of dry pulls to test airflow. The Triton feels solid with plenty of adjustments for a tighter or looser draw. One of the notable qualities about this tank is the top filling system, which I loved. It makes filling the tank unbelievably easier and no leaks!

Aspire Triton Top Fill Instructions

With the .4 ohm coil in the Triton I set the Pegasus at 70 watts and puff away. The Tortoise blood (blueberry apple sherbet) engulfs my taste buds. The clouds are great, not amazing but it is a given with only 70 watts to play with. Really the only thing I can complain about when running the Pegasus at 70 watts is battery life. Personally, I chain vape all damn day so that one 2600mah 18650 VTC5 lasts me roughly about an hour and half. The Pegasus with the Triton is great for when I am driving its 3.5ml capacity allows me to drive most of my trip without having to refill.

If you were curious about how temperature control works on the Pegasus works it automatically detects the wire being used. The Pegasus switches over from wattage to temperature. You can then adjust it up and down as you would with wattage. It is a nifty but standard feature in most temperature devices as of late. It is a popular method because it is user friendly, good job Aspire.

Overall, I would definitely buy the Aspire Pegasus Odyssey kit. I love the way the Pegasus feels in my hand and the clickiness of the button. The Triton is a great pairs great with Pegasus, though it makes me almost twice as tall. Replacing the Triton with a UD Goblin fixed that issue but more on that some other time. If you are looking for a solid starting kit look no further. Shijin Vapor has got you covered priced at $74.99 available in Brushed Chrome, Brushed Slate, and Brush Brass. They also have the optional charging port priced at $19.99, it makes for an elegant desk piece when you want to sit your device down and charge it.

Aspire Pegasus