The iPV D2 is the newest addition to the iPV family by Pioneer4You. The iPV D2 with its 70 watts and the addition of temperature control replaces the iPV Mini 2. This little powerhouse rocks 75 watts in standard mode and 50j in temperature control mode. It will fire kanthal wire down to 0.2 ohms, nickel and titanium down to 0.05 ohms. It has a floating 510 connection, clicky buttons, and a removable battery.

Since the first day I got this thing I have not put it down. The atomizer that I ran on it is a Youde Goblin Mini with dual kanthal build at 0.25 ohms. I have been running it at 40 watts all day, of course with the Shijin Vapor Beast Fall Edition (85/15), it performs and tastes wonderfully. Unfortunately, I personally cannot tell you how well the nickel and titanium works on the mod. But I can tell you that with the iPV modes are easily accessible, a few clicks of the button will get you to pretty much any screen you need. For example if I wanted to go from watts to joules then I was click the power button 5 times and again until you get to power mode simple click the top button and then power again puts you in joules mode.

The iPV D2 is small! Smaller than any single battery APV I have owned by far including the Aspire Pegasus. The mod itself sits perfectly in the palm of my hands. It is comfortable enough where I do not feel like I will drop it and if you are afraid of that it comes with a rubber sleeve. This device with the Youde Mini Goblin makes for a great stealth vaping device. My Kennedy RDA with a dual micro setup at 0.35 ohms also works great at around 60-70 watts though the battery life is dramatically reduced. Here it is next to the Smok xCube II (yes the cover is wrapped it is ridiculously easy to do btw).


I love that fact that the iPV D2 comes with a separate USB charger but hate that fact that it is a 3.5mm DC plug and not your standard micro USB. Another negative that I did not like about the charging port is that it is located on the bottom of the device. But for someone like me who burn through three batteries a day I do not even bother with the charging port. How easy it is for the battery to come out is a total pro of the device. The back cover is held on with a ball bearing that snaps in and out of place. Slide the cover down slightly and it you can remove it with ease. They also include a battery cloth puller thing making battery replacement a breeze.

Overall, the iPV D2 is solid. The menus are easy to read, the buttons feel good when compressed, and the size is tiny compared to any of iPV series predecessors. A removable battery option is always a plus in my book. The pro’s totally outweigh all the con’s (super nitpicky). Would I recommend this product? Yes. Would I buy it again if I needed to? Totally. Hop on it and grab this magnificent little device today, priced at $59.99 on