Did you know? There are more than 75 million Instagram users who use the app every single day. That’s quite incredible.


Why mention such a stat, you say? Well, because today we want to bring your attention to the wonderful world of Instagram vapers.


As a huge fan of Instagram's magical powers, we at Shijin Vapor thought it would only be right to give you a rundown of the most influential vapers on the social media platform. These rooting tooting vapers' pages are packed with cool facts, interesting insights, specialist tips, and pretty much anything else you can think of when it comes to vaping.


If you're a vaping enthusiast and you use Instagram, here are the vapers you should be following:

Kylee Vapes


Not only does Kylee Vapes fill her Instagram feed with a host of phenomenal photos, but she also offers step by step tutorials on some of the most popular vaping tricks around. Oh, did we mention, she is also part of the our Pro Trick Team? A must follow vaping account.

G Vapes


Another fully-fledged member of the Pro Trick Team, G Vapes boasts a whopping 63,000 followers (and counting). G Vapes’ trick photos are pretty magical, and most of them look like something straight out of a wizarding movie. Not only this, but his trick tutorials are also top notch. Good times all round.




This account is incredibly chic and boasts photography worthy of a quirky fashion editorial. The pictures on media.kraken’s feed are out of this world, and if you'd like to stay up to date with the latest in eJuice concoctions as well as high-end mods, this is the perfect Instagram account.




Zoe of @nowshevapes is one cool customer. The girl's got style, she knows how to vape, and documenting her lifestyle makes a welcome distraction during a tough day on the grind. It may not be the most informational Insta account, but it sure is one of the most entertaining.




Vaping, wanderlust, and amazingly smoky snapshots from some of the world's most inspiring places. Looking at this for even a few minutes will make you want to pack up your best vape, grab your passport, and hit the road in a hurry. It really is one of the best Insta accounts for the modern vaper - after all, 4,485 followers do not lie.


Follow these Instagram accounts, take the time to connect with each one, and enhance your vaping experience ten-fold. While you're there, follow Shijin Vapor's Instagram feed and stay up to date with our latest news, products, and offers - Taste the Beast. If you're a Vape business follow the tips of these influential vapers and develop your online presence into an online sales strategy for vape shops.