Vaping has come a long way in recent years.


What was originally considered a flash in the pan fad has now become a genuine cultural phenomenon - and the numbers are undeniable.


Although recent US e-cig regulations have put a damper on the industry, a recent study by the scientists at the Imperial College London has discovered that e-cigs have grown in popularity across Europe, both among existing smokers and non-smokers. In fact, the UK alone, the number of people who have tried e-cigarettes has basically doubled in just two years.


The researchers, who gathered data from 53,000 vapers across Europe found that France was the country with the highest use of e-cigarettes, while Portugal was the nation with the least vaping enthusiasts.


Here are some other key findings from the vape study:


  • Between 2012 and 2014, the average number of people across Europe who had tried vaping increased by 60% - from 7.2% to 11.6% during the period.
  • In the UK, there was a rise of 8.9% to 15.5% of the number of people who tried vaping during the study period.
  • Since 2011, vaping-based sales in Germany boomed, with more people taking up vaping and developing homegrown products than ever before.


Finally, the world of vaping is expanding and becoming recognised not only as an exciting and healthier alternative to smoking, but as a bonafide pastime, passion, hobby, and vocation.


Of course, vaping is popular here in The States, but this increase in vaping in the UK and Europe, particularly in France and Germany shows just how much it's travelled - and how much of an important part of modern culture has become.


With the UK leaving the EU, it will be interesting to see what changes will be made towards the attitudes and regulations towards vaping - but either way you look at it, this year is going to be an exciting time for vaping worldwide.


As vaping evolves, so will the products, apparel, eJuices, and options available to the modern vaper. Vaping is on the up and the progress made in recent years is quite astounding, but we feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg - and that my friends, is a wonderful thing.


Before we depart, we’ll just leave you with this thought (something to tell the naysayers on a rainy day):


“You should fight for your lives and your health. It is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous behaviour to ban e-cigarettes."

- Dr K Farsalinos


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