Let’s face it: For all their joy and wonder, the holidays are a really stressful time.  

Relatives come to visit, or you go to visit them, and the stress of measuring up weighs on your shoulders. Or maybe you need to brave the crowds to find that perfect gift… which doesn’t exist. Or, if it does, sold out long ago.  The stress can be overwhelming.

Managing this stress is the key to surviving the holidays. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to deal with stress without sacrificing your sanity.

First, according to the Anxiety Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people cope with stress and anxiety, stress causes you to crave sweets. In short, stress puts an unusually high load on the body, and the body wants to compensate by replenishing as much energy in the most efficient delivery mechanism possible: sugar.

This human fact may be why sugary treats are so popular during the holiday season, and why people tend to put on a lot of extra pounds.  

You don’t have to chow down on cookies or pack on pounds to get through the holidays, though. Nutritious, healthy alternatives like oranges and tangerines are in season during the holidays, providing the sugar you crave in a more natural form.  Or, to satisfy that sweet craving on the go, Shijin’s own Gummy O’s or It’s Pixy flavors can satisfy your sweet craving without the guilt of candy and chocolate.

Meditation isn’t new; in fact, its practitioners have enjoyed its health benefits for thousands of years.  According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s ample evidence to suggest that just a few minutes of meditation can restore your inner peace while warding off stress and fatigue.

Meditation works to relieve stress by clearing away the information overload and overstimulation that lead to anxiety. Stress relief isn’t the only benefit, either; meditation is tied to an increase in patience, tolerance, imagination, creativity, self-awareness and positive thinking.

Getting started with meditation is simple and inexpensive, too. Meditation practitioners often offer beginner classes for little or no cost, and a variety of free apps offer guided meditation to get you started.  If you practice yoga, your local yoga classes also likely begin and end with a short meditation session.

Though less natural than meditation, nicotine is an efficient and highly effective way to instantly relieve stress. According to numerous sources, including the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, the US National Library of Medicine and numerous universities, nicotine begins significantly relieving stress within about ten seconds.

But, there is also evidence to suggest that just the act of vaping, even when nicotine isn’t involved, can have similar effects.

The act of vaping alone, especially when it’s familiar and enjoyable, can have a considerable calming effect, simulating the effects of nicotine even when the chemical isn’t present. Many Shijin Vapor products also come in low or no doses of nicotine, equipping you to survive the holiday stress while avoiding the negative side effects.

It’s good for you, it improves your physical fitness and self-confidence, and it’s even a natural antidepressant.  If you’re feeling stressed, hitting the gym can be a healthy outlet for your frustrations.

It doesn’t just relieve stress, either.  Like meditation, exercise comes bundled with countless health benefits. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that exercise is adept at countering fatigue, boosting alertness, increasing focus, enhancing cognitive processes and countering stress.

Whether you prefer a jaunt on the treadmill or a satisfying round with the punching bags, getting to the gym can be a key factor in surviving the holiday season.

Combined, a healthy regimen of exercise and meditation--supplemented by some vaping rather than tobacco use--can get you through the holiday season with your sanity and health intact, ready to make the new year the best one yet.