When you take up vaping, you adopt a whole new vaping lifestyle.


Not only are there plenty of things to discover and an endless amount of things to learn, but you have the opportunity to tap into thriving community full of like-minded people.


Of course, sub-ohm vaping, vaping maintenance, trying new eJuices, and learning sweet tricks are all very important - but there's one thing that many people tend to overlook - the situational humour vaping can provide.


To show you what we mean, here are four genuinely funny or interesting stories sourced from around the web…


Shijin wants to know what type of vaping customer are you?


Whatsthetimemate, Reddit Vaping Forum:


“Being in Australia PVs aren't all that common, but I love going out to the smoking area in a nightclub and having a vape. Every time someone comes up and asks me about it, and I try and give them as much info as possible. They are a great conversation starter.


The only other kinda weird situation I have experienced was during a random breath test a police officer saw my eGo Twist & Kanger Protank and started asking questions about what I'd been doing that night and whether or not I'd consumed any illegal substances. We got talking, and it turns out he was a smoker who just couldn't quit so after an explanation and basically showing him my juice bottle, etc. and talking about how it works he gave me his email address, and I sent him a whole bunch of links to starter kits. Three months later and he's never touched an analogue again.”


A Vaping Story from an Anonymous Vegas Clubber:


"I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. We went to this new nightclub at the MGM. Well, I was having a good ol' time dancing in the middle of the dance floor while doing some causal vaping. As it turned out the guy right next to me was doing the same. Without saying a word we both raised our vapes and did a cheers tap with our tanks. It's was awesome.


It wasn't till a little later that a security guy came up and told me to stop using my vape despite a large number of people smoking analogues. When I inquired, he replied that because he didn't know what was in it, he could let me use it. Whatever.”


flatcap77 Vaping Story from Reddit:


“I was holding our three-month-old, and she projectile vomited. I'm talking Linda Blair, shout at yer shoes, barf-o-rama stuff right here. I ran for some wipes and clean the floor, couch, two remotes, and a little of the dog.


I looked down and hot damn -there were only a couple drops near the pocket of my jeans. Dodged the bullet on that one! Well, later I put the kid to bed and sit outside for a nice ecto cooler puff on the porch and oh dear: that's not ecto cooler, no, it tastes like...yeah, guys, I vaped my kid's barf. It must have leaked down from my jeans pocket and into my T3. Oh, the shame - I swore I would never regurgitate this story but sometimes you gotta throw caution into the wind, am I right?”


Kimbernator, e-cig Forum Vaping Story:


“I  was driving through a Jack in the Box, and the guy at the window smelled the raspberry coming from my eGo. He said it smelled good, and I let him try it, then his face lit up. I told him I could pull around and tell him about it if he wanted since he had been a smoker for some time.


I pull to the front of the restaurant, and he comes out. He's still wearing the headset as about six cars pull into the drive thru.


I'm giving him websites, names of parts to buy, explaining nicotine content and whatnot, and every 30 seconds or so he would pull the microphone down and say "just one minute, ma'am." He ended up backing up the drive-through with about ten cars.”

There you have it, four excellent vaping stories from around the web. We hope you enjoyed these stories and if you have any of your own, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.