Fall is here and you all know what that means! Shijin Vapors introduces their new seasonal flavor, Beast Blood Fall Edition. The recipe has finally been perfect over months of trial and error. The exquisite blend of flavors in a rich creamy milk creates, dare I say it, the ultimate bowl of cereal. Remember when you were nine? That one time you decided to mix all your favorite cereals into a bowl and created a masterpiece? That’s what the fall edition is all about. Imagine fruit loops, captain crunch, frosted flakes, and the just the marshmallows from lucky charms all topped with whole milk not that low fat bullsh*t.

I have not put this flavor down since the final product has come out. For a 85/15 vg/pg mix this juice works great in pretty much all I have thrown it in tanks and RDAs include. I have vaped it on a cooler build, vaped it on a hot build the flavor is uncanny, in a sense. Fruit loops e-liquids are not unique in any aspect. But Beast Blood Fall Edition has its own complexities. The subtle undertones of the other flavors create a rich and creamy yet fruity sensation. It is hard to describe.

Something that I always need to mention is how beautifully done the labels are. The contrasting tones of mid-autumn leaves and the natural color of the liquid add to its beauty. You will see what I mean when you grab a bottle. Speaking of which… what are you waiting on get to it! Click here to get yours today!