It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a veteran vaper, we've all been there: in transit or far from home when our battery light flashes telling us that 'if you want to take a drag of this delicious eJuice, you're dreaming.'


Okay, it may sound trivial. But, if you've been working your fingers to the bone all day and you're standing at the bus stop, about to enjoy a quick vape fix before heading home, only to find you're going to have to keep your cravings at bay for over an hour, this situation is an absolute nightmare.


The thing is, this sickening scenario can be avoided.


How, you ask? By following these five best best practices to help make your vape charge last longer...


Keep your vape clean


You might not think cleanliness has anything to do with the charge of your vape, but it does - and it's commonly overlooked. Sometimes your device will leak eJuice, forming sticky layers of residue on your battery contact. Not only will this make your vape battery less efficient, but it will also corrode the contact points over time, so by keeping your device clean inside out, you'll help your battery charge last longer.


Stay cool


When we say keep it cool, we don't just mean pulling off amazing tricks in front of your friends. No sir (or madam), what we mean is, if your vape gets too hot, it can reduce your battery’s charge and seriously stunt its lifespan. Keep it away from sources of heat around the home, shield it from direct sunlight and everything will be just fine.


Give it some breathing space


Not many people know this, but when you're not using one of your vaping devices for an extended period (most of us vapers like to have a choice of e-cig), you should separate each component. If all the parts of your vape are connected, the battery will draw a slow charge from the rest of the device, causing the battery to run down.


Handle with care


This tip may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised at just how many people handle their vape poorly. Always be extra careful when handling your e-cig to prevent accidental drops or falls. When you set your device down, make sure it isn't close to any high ledges or water sources and try not to shake it around too hard when you're replacing eJuice or cleaning it - any damage can ruin the efficiency and reliability of your battery.


Check your atomiser


Believe it or not, a battery's life isn't just about the battery, other elements can affect it too. If  worn down, the thread on your atomiser may lead to poor contact with the battery and even cause damage to the threading of the battery. By regularly cleaning the threads or replacing any worn components, you'll be able to preserve the life of your battery.



Of course, another good option would be to take a charger with you when you’re out and about, but the above points are important nonetheless. When you’re a vape owner, care and maintenance is the key to success. Did you know that vaping is getting more popular the world over? Read this and find out more.