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Whether it’s about a new skin care product, a strange ingredient in a bottle of soda, or a recently produced technology for recreational activity,Read More
Whether you are a beginning vaper or an old pro, there’s one thing that goes without saying. Cleaning and caring for your vape device is vital for the life of your vape and the quality of your experience.Read More
Sub-ohm vaping is vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. In this article we explore the practice, technique, and why would you sub-ohm vape?Read More
From Reddit and Vaping Forums to an anonymous clubber in Vegas we've found four genuinely funny or interesting vaping stories sourced from around the web sure to give you a laugh.Read More
As Shijin returns from the 2017 Shenzhen Vaping Expo we thought it would be a great idea to dig into the many more events coming up in 2017.Read More
As fun, relaxing, and rewarding as vaping can be, when you're a beginner, knowing where to start, or what to do, can be a little bewildering. Here's our best tips for beginners....Read More

Next stop in our Vaping 101: Ultimate Guide to Vaping - we look into the devices and their components. Everyone who's made the purchase or planning on picking up a device should know these few basic parts to complete the package.

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Shijin Vapor presents a 2 part series on the MUST knows of vaping. Get an understanding of what goes into your clouds and how to find the perfect mix for you!

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